Yesterday was Veteran's Day. In some ways so is today but to some degree should really be everyday. On the left is a picture of my maternal grandfather Alexander Wm. Keema Jr. who served and died in WWII. When Veteran's Day comes around each year we are filled with images of World War One and two veterans. Trust me in every way the older men and women should be highlighted for their service so many years ago.  We think of Korea and Vietnam as well. I guess I'm saying the media as a whole on this holiday gives respect to our elderly vets seemingly more than our men and women fighting overseas now or the people who fought back in 1991. It could just be me, but at any rate our 20 and 30 somethings have endured quite a bit over the the past decade and truly deserve our gratitude as well. Hope in your journeys yesterday you took some time out to think about those who served then and today.