The first day of school is always bittersweet. As a parent you look forward to it because it gets the kids out of your hair for a few hours and gets them busy but at the same time the transition is hard. Our oldest Dylan just started Edward Little High School and Justin just started 6th grade at Park Avenue. All went well this morning especially where Lynn let me sleep in a bit while she drove Dylan to school at 7. I took Justin, who starts at 8:30 with Vikki in tow because she likes the ride to and from. As a promise for the first day of school and to be used with rules and guidelines we gave Justin a Facebook account last night so he could socialize with friends and family and maybe play a game or two if and his school work is done.

Maybe 11 1/2 is too young? We as parents would have said "no way" five years ago when Facebook began but as time rolls on and Facebook's acceptance has grown we decided to let him have an account with monitoring. Still trying to figure out the privacy settings. Setting up an account is way more time consuming and detailed than it was back in 2007 when I got mine up and running.

As I sit here writing this, Vikki is playing with her toys and Lynn's watching a movie on Netflix. All of this happening while the house is disturbingly quiet. Sadly, maybe because I take too many photos or the boys are getting older but neither of the kids wanted a "first day of school" picture taken this morning. Yes the kids are growing into young adults. Time is flying by.

I hope your children enjoy their first day of school, whether it's kindergarten, another grade in elementary, middle school or high school. Breathe easy because they'll be home in the afternoon with I'm sure stories to tell but in the meantime enjoy the silence.