While taking Justin to school this morning he asked me what a draft was. I first thought of the military from the pre-Vietnam era, but no, he was asking about the NFL draft. I told him it was like when you're in gym class and the gym teacher assigns team captains and the captains pick the teams from the class.

I have absolutely no interest in who the NFL teams pick, I'll see the efforts on the field as the years roll along. Same with other sports, I have little to no interest in drafts, but I do have a great interest in our kids and how they are. Like the draft I recall in gym I wasn't always chosen last by my peers, but close to it. There may have been a sexist element to making up teams as kids too, I don't really remember 30 years later?

My question is, do schools still use this way of making up teams in gym class today? You want the teams to be as fair as possible so it's either the teacher creating teams and not saying how or why he or she did it or it's the kids overtly doing the same.

Yes, it sucks to be picked last, but the kids who are picked first are usually the ones who practice, play hard and work at being athletic. There is no perfect solution but everyone has strengths and weaknesses and kids on their own have to figure out what they are.

We can't be the way we were 30 years ago and tell our boys to "take it outside" if they have a disagreement and we can't continue to get softer, we have to find the middle and let our children learn from failure and success with our help, cheering and consoling along the way.

As for being last picked you either have to know you're good at other things or use that as anger as fight to be better at athletics.

This is just an opinion piece and I mean no offense but I would love to hear your thoughts on captains picking teams in gym class. I'll  even take your opinions on the NFL draft too I suppose.