The website Neighborhood Scout has ranked twenty-two neighborhoods in the Augusta and Waterville area on being 'family friendly'. They used six metrics in their study. There were excellent public schools, safety from crime, owner-occupied single family homes, families with children and adults with college degrees. Let's look at their rankings.

Click on each town and neighborhood to get more details on their rankings.

1. Readfield
2. Manchester
3. Belgrade
4. Vassalboro
5. Mount Vernon (Rome area)
6. Sidney
7. Winslow (East Winslow)
8. Windsor
9. Starks (Mercer Area)
10. China

The rest of the rankings:

11. Winthrop
12. Oakland
13. Winslow (Town Center)
14. Waterville (Colby College Area)
15. Augusta (Eastern Avenue)
16. Augusta (Riverside Drive)
17. Hallowell
18. Waterville (Drummond)
19. Augusta (North Augusta)
20. Augusta (City Center)
21. Augusta (Western Avenue)
22. Waterville (City Center)