Do you think police are out enforcing the law for safety’s sake, or for quotas and trying to create revenue? Police have been out looking for un-belted drivers and have found a few. I have asked officers in a social setting in the past about quotas and have never heard the word, “yes” in an answer. With 30 people getting pulled over on the Interstate for not wearing seat belts recently, are there no bigger crimes? I wear my seat belt for every drive not matter how close or how far, I don’t get how this is priority #1 amongst state troopers.

Speeders create a danger to others as do drunk drivers, texters and so forth. I get citing a driver for not wearing their belt but a stakeout, really? Come on there have to be bigger fish to fry.

Seat belts prevent deaths and should be worn but protecting yourself against yourself okay, we’ve made it law but lets concentrate on habitual OUI (Operating Under the Influence) and OAS (Operating After Suspension) drivers first.