I assume other elementary schools do the same or something similar. At my son Justin's school, Park Avenue Elementary in Auburn, basically every other Wednesday, has an assembly open to the parents, grandparents and guardians called, "Wednesday Morning Sing." 

The stage at Park Ave.

"Morning Sing" lasts about 20 minutes between 8:40 am and 9:00 am. Many come, some parents sit on the bleachers, others sit with their children. Justin is in 5th grade and still likes it when we sit with him. We bring Vikki and Justin's classmates enjoy her bouncing around to the music. We always start with standing and doing 'The Pledge of Allegiance' and singing 'America The Beautiful' or 'Grand Old Flag.' Often the Principal talks for a few minutes to discuss fund raisers, achievements and once a month birthdays. The songs sung are kids songs with a bit of wisdom and thought in the lyrics. A couple of the more popular songs are, 'Family Tree' and 'This Pretty Planet.' This played today, 'Pete The Cat.' Very funky fresh!

As a person on the PTO told me, schools are the new centers of our communities, at least if you have children. Be involved as much as you can with your kids' schools.