I was going through CNN’s website and I thought this might be kind of a fun thing to bring up, what were your 15 albums that made life in high school bearable? We all went to high school at different times I’m guessing, so the variety of favorites should be pretty diverse.

Before we get to the music, 1986 through 1990 was a time a of bright neon colors, scrunchies, Electric Youth perfume and also big during that time were the California Raisins and Walkmen or was it Walkmans?

‘Hysteria’ from Def Leppard was probably the soundtrack of my youth in general, but was more times than not in my Walkman during those years.

‘Appetite For Destruction’ by Guns ‘n’ Roses was always a great album to get you pumped up for the day.

This album wasn’t technically released when I was in high school but certainly was part of my high school years, ‘License To Ill’ by the Beastie Boys.

‘Who Made Who’ by AC/DC, somewhat of a greatest hits album but I always liked them.

Poison’s ‘Open Up and Say Ahhh’, yup, loved that one too. “Fallen Angel” reminds me more of high school than “Every Rose…”

‘Sport of Kings’ by Triumph means something to me being raised in Canada, I'm not sure if that album did anything in the US, the same would go for’ Victory Day’ by Tom Cochrane and Red Rider. The other Canadian record I’ll throw in this is Haywire’s ‘Don’t Just Stand.'

‘Slippery When Wet’ from Bon Jovi was in my stack of cassettes along sadly with ‘Girl, You Know its True’ from Milli Vanilli. I also had ‘Bigger and Deffer’ (BAD) from LL Cool J.

I also loved ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ from Bobby Brown, ‘Smashes, Thrashes and Hits’ from KISS. That KISS album was a greatest hits CD, but also had a couple new songs, “Put the X in Sex” and “Rock Hard”

And to round out the list, I’ll say, ‘Dr. Hook’s Greatest Hits’ and the other big Def Leppard album out then, ‘Pyromania’