I just read a story about how two people chained themselves to a TD Bank branch in Portland to protest the bank profiting from tar sands.

Read the story if you wish but it got me thinking about everything going on right now. People are standing up and protesting, for example of Ferguson, Missouri and Market Basket.

Not only protests are getting news but causes are getting highlighted with social media, the largest example here would be the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” but included with fighting ALS, there has been a lot of light shed on depression and suicide as of late with the tragedy of Robin Williams.

What causes do you stand for?

I’m most passionate about equality, whether it’s race, religion, weight or someone’s relationship lifestyle.

As for health, March of Dimes is up there where Vikki and Lynn were under a Doctor’s 24/7 care from 29 weeks to 34 weeks. Along with March of Dimes, mental illness I care about as my Dad from all I know suffered for years with some sort of imbalance, probably Bi-polar but never diagnosed. With the fore mentioned I'd also like to get to the bottom of what causes Autism and Asperger syndrome.