T.J. Kirkpatrick, Getty Images

Earlier today we had a woman run a car into a White House security fence. Every month or so we have these types of stories and they’re not just going on in the Beltway area.

You can find random violence locally. You can see fights resulting in death in parking lots before and after sporting events.  Is it that people are angrier because there is more month than money? Do these people want their 15 minutes of fame?

Are we a more stressful nation or is it just being reported more because of a 24/7 news cycle and cell phone cameras?

It seems people are even ruder on the roads, as we drive. I don’t know. I remember fights in bars every so often in my partying days but I don’t recall anyone flashing a knife or gun.

Is it drugs? Is there an upswing in mental illness? I don’t blame video games, violence in movies or music because most people can separate what happens on screen to what happens in real life.

To me, it does seem like people are angrier than they used to be. For example, the government shutdown. It looks to me like this is a married couple in an emotional standoff.

I have no answers or agenda, just wondering why it seems as though the country is going berserk.