When you think of people and items that Maine has given the world, there are probably two or three that INSTANTLY pop in your head...  Lobster?  Blueberry pie?  Not a big surprise, there are far more!

According to Only In Your State and Wikipedia, here are ten things (and people) Maine has given the world...  You're welcome!

1. Stephen King – The iconic horror writer was born in Portland and has lived much of his life in Maine.   He graduated from UMO and currently resides in Bangor.

2. The Chainsmokers – Andrew Taggart, one half of the EDM duo, was raised in Freeport.  Taggart, along with Alex Pall, make up the hit-making act known for songs like "Closer" and "Selfie".  He first became interested in EDM music during a trip to Argentina in 2004.


3. Erin Andrews – The sportscaster and Dancing With The Stars host was born in Lewiston


4. Ear Muffs – Invented by Farmington native Chester Greenwood in 1873


5. The Board Game Industry – Even though board games have existed for thousands of years, I think Maine can claim this because notable board game designer Milton Bradley is from the state.  Bradley was born in Vienna, Maine in 1836.  His company is responsible for classics like Battleship, The Game of Life, and Operation.

6. The Machine Gun – Even though the “Maxim” was patented in England in 1884, the man behind the weapon, Sir Hiram Stevens, was born in Maine.


7. McDreamy – Actor Patrick Dempsey was born in Lewiston in 1966.


8. The Snowmobile – It was first conceived by O. C. Johnson of Waterville in 1909.  However, it was a few more years before someone coined the term “snowmobile”.  The state is criss-crossed with an amazing trail system and Polaris still uses Northern Maine as a testing ground for its new sleds.


9. Anna Kendrick – The actress was born in Portland in 1985.  Without her, we’d never have that REALLY catchy earworm “Cups”.  On top of that, who would remind us to subscribe to HULU?


10. The Microwave Oven – in the early part of the 20th century, Percy Spencer, of Howland, was doing experiments with radar tubes.  After noticing a candy bar in his pocket had melted, he began to experiment with using radar tubes to cook food.  He patented the first microwave oven in October of 1945.

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