Several people, including organizer Cheryl Clukey, went into a pool of frigid water, along Cony Street next to Old Fort Western, yesterday, to raise money to continue funding Bicentennial Nature Park on Three Cornered Pond, a property owned by the city...

Downtown Manager Steve Pecukonis and City Councilor Dan Emery were also among about six who took the plunge and, unlike Cheryl, who started out getting use to the water quite gingerly before jumping in, either dove or cannonballed. Toby Parkhurst even did a mid-air somersault before hitting the water. For any of the others, that probably would have been a big fail!

Oh, LOVED the background music. Not sure who provide it but, as you'll hear in the video, it was perfect and really added to the fun!

↓Chery Clukey doing it for the park!