Over the weekend, I spent a lot of time watching TV.  Probably more time than is actually healthy.

One thing I did manage to do was watch some of the lesser known shows on the streaming service.  We've all seen (or at least heard of) Orange Is The New Black, House of Cards, and 13 Reasons Why.  But there are lot of less well known shows that are AMAZING!

I've put together a list of five shows on Netflix you NEED to be watching (if you aren't already).  Most of these are Netflix originals, but there are a few that were on network TV or cable before being added to Netflix.

1. Everything Sucks - Set in Boring, Oregon (yes, it is a real place) in 1996, it tells the story of a group of A/V kids and drama kids making a movie.  If it were moved from Oregon to Maine, it could be the story of my life.  It's a great show.  My only criticism is that sometimes it tries TOO HARD to be 90s.


2. The Joel McHale Show W/ Joel McHale - If you liked E!'s The Soup, you'll love this.  New episodes drop on Sundays.


3. Glitch - Set in Australia, it tells the story of a group of people who suddenly rise from the grave.  The mystery, of course, is what caused these people to come back.  On top of that, one of the reanimated is the wife one of the town's cops.  The fact that he has remarried (the dead wife's best friend), further complicates things.  Since I don't want to ruin it, I am not going to say anything more.


4. Altered Carbon - Based on a series of novels, it tells the story of a terrorist who has been released from prison after 250 years.  His job (if he wants to remain free) is to solve a murder - sort of...  This will probably do a better job of explaining:


5. Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond - Originally a BBC show, it tells the story of Ian Fleming (played by Dominic Cooper).  It shows how he goes from being a British slacker playboy, to a WW2 hero, to the author who gifted the world with James Bond.

Happy watching!

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