According to Only In Your State, these are some of the strangest things to ever happen in Maine.

5 - Hijacked Plane Stops In Maine For Food - In 1969, a former US Marine named Raffaele Minichiello, who was fleeing a burglary charge, hijacked a TWA flight and ordered the pilot to fly him to Rome (where he was eventually arrested).  The plane did make several stops for fuel and food, including a stop in Bangor. (from The Slate)

4 - US Senator Pushes For Lobster Emoji - If it weren't for US Senator Angus King, we would not have an emoji representing one of the most-iconic Maine foods.  The lobster emoji, by the way, will be available in June of 2018.

3 - The North Pond Hermit - Christopher Knight was arrested in 2013, after spending nearly three decades alone in the woods.  He claims to have only spoken to one person in this time and, more remarkably, not paid for anything since the 1980s.

2 - A Mystery Anaconda Becomes Famous - In August of 2016, an 8-to-9-foot snakeskin was found near the Presumpscot River in Westbrook. Experts believe it came from an anaconda, which isn't native to Maine. The good news, for us not the snake, is that experts don't believe the snake survived the winter.

1 - A Man Dressed As A Tree Was Arrested For Blocking Traffic - It happened in Portland in late fall of 2016.

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