Lately, and largely due to the pandemic, we have seen thousands of people across New England taking up outdoor activities.  People who used to spend their time eating at restaurants, hanging out in bars, going to movies, bowling, and other indoor activities were looking for new, outdoor activities to try.  Hiking, biking, ATVing, boating, and in the winter, skiing and snowboarding.

Of course, if you have never skied or snowboarded before, what do you do to get started?  Obviously, you don't want to just toss on a pair of skis and take on a double black diamond trail.  Instead, you need to head to a ski area that has a bunch of gentle slopes so you can get used to skiing or boarding.

That is why we have put together a list of Maine and New Hampshire ski areas that are perfect for families.  Most have a bunch of easy trails for the kids and beginners, but they also have more challenging trails for the teens and advanced skiers.

Family Friendly New England Ski Resorts

What else needs to be on our list?

What is your favorite ski area?  Let us know on Facebook or through our app.

If you are really unfamiliar with skiing and boarding, we want to help you with some of the important terms in the world of skiing.

According to,

  • Alpine Skiing - The technical term for downhill skiing - as opposed to nordic or cross-country skiing.
  • Apre Ski - The party after you get done skiing
  • Artificial Snow - Snow made by snow machine
  • Backcountry Skiing - Skiing off the main trails.  For example, skiing at New Hampshire's Tuckerman.
  • Binding - What holds your boot to your ski or board.
  • Carving - Turning on the edges of your ski or snowboard
  • Face-Plant - When you crash and land on your face.
  • Goggles - Eye protection
  • Groomer - The machine that grooms the trails or the person who runs that machine.
  • Liftie - The person who operates the ski lift or gondola.
  • Ski Bum - Someone who tries to shirk their job or school so they can spend more time skiing.
  • T-Bar - Instead of a chair (like a normal lift), the T-bar drags you up the slope.

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