It was a Saturday night and I was ready. Ready for what you ask? My very first out-of-office get-together with my co-workers and their spouses. Normally, when you're asked to meet outside of work with the people you spend every single day with, you tend to pretend you have other things to do.

However, I was curious to see if these people were the same outside of work as they are when I am here.

I'm a very honest person, sometimes at fault, and wear my emotions bluntly on my face, so it is hard for me to pretend and if the night didn't go well, I would be screwed on Monday. It reminds me of the time that a previous co-worker didn't wash their hands after they went to the restroom and they wanted to shake my hand, I looked down and said, "I can't shake your pee hand." I just can't help but to be honest.

Those in attendance were my co-host, Matt James with his spouse Keri, B985 DJ, Kristi Marie with her spouse Stephen, my boss, Cooper Fox, and my spouse Nelly.

We decided to go "Glow Bowling" at Sparetime in Hallowell and met for drinkie doodle doos before. I was a bit apprehensive because I haven't bowled for a very long time and you don't want to be the new girl and the sucky bowler too. The videos below reveal to you how the bowling journey went for me.



You guessed it, my bowling was awful and I couldn't hide it even though I tried very hard. I additionally tried many different bowling techniques and Kristi attempted to help me. So the night was then focused on my lack of athleticism. As I always say, if I am going to fail, get it on film.


However, we all laughed a lot and one of the best things about loving yourself is making fun of yourself, right?

The night was full of bonding, dancing, laughing, joke-making, and eating. While bowling, Matt attempted to show Nelly his system and method of getting into the grove to bowl. Proof below.


Janelle was able to bowl incredibly well after Matts' tip.

Embarrassing myself in front of my co-workers was probably the best subconscious decision I've ever made because showing your faults to others who are like-minded and authentic is a good thing. So we can all learn a lesson from my blunders and bewilderment and what I've learned is, people will accept you if you can't beat them at something and you aren't at threat.

No, but really, they all except me, the real me, and it's so refreshing,

Next time, we're going to play bat mitten. Now, that's my jam.

Check out photos of our office night out below!

First Outing with Co-workers in Hallowell

This past weekend the on-air talent and spouses from Townsquare in Augusta went Bowling and bonded!

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