I was at KVCC for a class recently and was talking with a classmate. I discovered she had been a ballet dancer in Boston at one point. (Totally explains her graceful movements) But, she had also danced the flamenco! Then she tried to teach me some very basic moves. That is where it all went wrong, very wrong.

That is ME! The one in the middle. LOL. OK, so it’s Navin R. Johnson from “The Jerk” But, I am 1000% positive that is how it looked. I might try it again. And I might allow someone to record it. Rosemary (my classmate) showed me you clap your hands to a six count beat. Your feet do a ‘heal, toe, stomp’ combination and then repeat. There is something about castanets in there too! Glad we did not have castanets, I am sure I would have bruises today. NeiNei has a lot of skills, but this might not be one of them.

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