Are you a young family looking for a "starter home".  This could be just the place for you.

According to the Coldwell Banker Homes website, this small, single family home is at 119 Mount Vernon Avenue in Augusta.  Built in 1910, it is just under 1,200 square feet and has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

In addition to the bedrooms and bathroom, the home features an open concept kitchen, a living room, and a dining room.

It also features a cool little out-building that could be used for storage or maybe even a place for your kids to play.

One of the other benefits to this property is how close it is to businesses.  For example, College Carryout is directly across the street, J&S is just down the street, and Sandy Point Seafood

With a price point of only $69,000, it is not a shocker that it could probably use some renovations.

For more information, contact the realtors HERE

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