Friday (June 29, 2018) I was in attendance of the Kennebec Valley YMCA Donor Appreciation event where they thanks donors, show how important the donations are to the community and then there is a guest speaker.

Friday that guest speaker was Maine Senator Angus King.

Before he made his way to join us at the event he already had a busy day with visits Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope in Augusta, High Hopes Clubhouse in Waterville, and Cohen Community Center in Hallowell.

He was clearly inspired by his day. Instead of speaking to us about what is going on in Washington DC, he spoke to us about community service and impact. He spoke of Mainers caring about their friends and neighbors.

He did conclude with the offer of answering a few questions about what is happening in Washington DC. You could feel there were a lot of questions that people wanted to ask, but did not.  King was planning to leave as soon as he was done speaking.  He had arrived at his Maine home in the wee hours of Friday morning, was gone all day and now was headed out to have dinner with his wife.

Thank you Senator King and the Kennebec Valley YMCA for an inspiring evening.