I DVR a lot of ghost hunting shows and UFO shows and last night I watched 'Hangar 1: The UFO Files'. Season 2, episode 3, which featured a story from Union, Maine.

'Hangar 1; The UFO Files' is a show where they open up the MUFON Files. MUFON stands for Mutual UFO Network. As the story goes according to the show, 'Hangar 1...', Back in 1981, teenager Laura Dent was a new resident of Union and witnessed a gigantic flying saucer over the family property.

When the saucer disappeared, it left a crop circle and soon after, the "Men in Black" (MIB) came to take samples of the land and investigate the Dent family property.

According to MUFON, the UFO investigation organization, Laura Dent noticed a 24 hour hour span missing from her life and saw an implant on her hand.

Was she abducted? Was she knocked out by the 'MIB'? Is this just lore from Union?

Does anyone know Laura Dent? Does she still live in the central Maine area? I realize she may be married and be using a different name now, but either way, Union is small and someone must know her. I want to do an interview with Laura Dent.

I do believe she is telling the truth and would love to get more insight and I think it would make for a compelling local story.

If you are Laura Dent or can get in touch with her, please respond. If she doesn't want to talk with me, I'll understand as well, but it doesn't hurt to try.

She or (you) can respond by email, greg.michaels@townsquaremedia.com, Facebook, or simply call, 207-623-4735. I hope to hear something soon.

Here is the story as told by the television show. Fast forward through to 6:20 for the segment talking about what happened in Union, ME.

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