It's not just a hobby, but a way for people to come across some pretty incredible, and sometimes valuable, both sentimental and otherwise, things.

For one Waterville man and his metal detector, they made a pretty surprising discovery recently. According to WGME 13, Brian Clunie came across a set of military dog tags that he believes date back to World War II.

Brian says that he was using his metal detector out on Hinkley Farm when his metal detector gave him an alert that there was something underneath the soil. After a little bit of digging, Brian unearthed something he never expected to find. A set of dog tags dating back to World War II, which spanned from 1939-1945.

Brian Clunie told WGME that he has never ever found anything quite like this before. He told WGME in part,

“This is kind of a bucket lister for me.I love finding jewelry and valuable things, but this is more valuable than anything I've found before because it's a connection."

What's even crazier? The dog tags, which are fast approaching 90 years old, are actually still legible. Brian says that the soldier associated with the found tags is someone by the name of William E. Andrews.

Clunie doesn't know exactly who that is, or where he may have been from, but he is really hoping that this story will get out there enough to help find someone who may have been a relative of his.

Clunie says he's really hoping to reunite these dog tags with the family of the soldier who apparently lost them near the Hinkley Farm so many years ago.

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