I'll let you in a little secret. Bargain shoppers probably already do this or have figured this out. You can get great meat specials by going to the grocery store between 9 am and 10 am.

This when the "day after" markdowns take place. You can get like $2 or $3 or even higher instant rebates at the checkout. It's only a day after the food goes on the cooler shelf and the meats are still fresh.

We used to and still do go to BJ's and buy the huge packages and split them up and freeze them, but now we check the grocery store first.  We started thinking after you figure in the freezer bags, and yes we go through a lot of gallon sized Zip-loc bags with a family of five, we're really not sure if we're saving.

We use Hannaford, but I bet Shaw's and Foodland, IGA, etc. do the same. One-meal family portions that go right into the freezer for use at a later date, what could be better? No bags, no mess and major discounts! The savings aren't just on chuck beef or drumsticks, they're also the more expensive cuts.

Just an idea, I'm always looking to help out a person or family save a bit of dough.

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