This is literally the most exciting thing that has happened all week long here at 92 Moose.

It has been a tough few days here at the Moose Morning Show studios. Early Friday morning, the Keurig machine that we've been using day after day for years in the building, finally decided to call it quits and pass away. While we never expect these things to last forever, we never are fully emotionally prepared for when that time comes. Especially when it means that we'll have to wait a couple of days for the new replacement to come in.

Well, I'm happy to announce that the moment has finally arrived. The new machine was unboxed and set up in the wee hours of the morning today- even before the sun was up! And I gotta say, no two Keurigs are the same, am I right? Literally, I don't think you could ever purchase the same Keurig twice, even in the same transaction. But let's not get off track here.

This new Keurig has a couple cool new features that I've never seen before, including a button that just says 'strong'. Obviously I had to try the new feature out right away and boy was I pleasantly surprised. I don't know how the internal magic works, but this thing can take your cup of coffee from 0-100 real quick. What a great new addition to our studio kitchen. Hopefully this one has a long life ahead of it because we literally cannot function in the morning without our Dunkin K-Cups off the Keurig.

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