As a wedding photographer for the last few years I have seen MANY, MANY things go wrong at weddings. (Check out my story at the end of this post!)  BUT, not having your wedding dress can be a big deal!  Brides around the United States that paid their deposits and ordered dressed are now scrambling to deal with the fall out with Alfred Angelo Bridal.  

Alfred Angelo Bridal has filed for bankruptcy, closing 60 stores and had 1,400 locations that sold their products worldwide.  Ouch!

According to a story I was reading at the company will do its best to fill orders to the best of their ability and brides can check the status of their orders send an email to:

This in turn has caused many women to empathize and have started to offer up wedding dresses to brides-to-be that are may be dress-less and getting married this summer.  Many dress shops are offering discounts of dresses to help fill the need.

Have I ever seen anything go so wrong? Yes. I was doing a wedding where the custom made dress did not show up until after the ceremony. The bride ended up wearing the maid-of-honor's dress. In the end it was very sweet.  The maid-of-honor wore the bathrobe the bride had been wearing while she had been waiting for her dress...bride was SO beautiful and SO calm.  After all, the day was about getting married to her sweetheart and that is all that REALLY mattered.

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