Here is a chance for your kids to win the new 'Lego Movie' from Alpha Video, Augusta, out on Blu Ray and DVD Tuesday, June 17th. They can win by doing what they love to do, build Lego!

Alpha Video is holding a Lego building contest. There will be two winners, one chosen by Alpha Video the other voted on by their customers.

First prize, the best as chosen by Alpha Video will be a Lego Movie DVD combo pack and second prize by customer vote is a DVD copy of the Lego Movie!

Everyone who enters gets a free rental and their names will be in to win a $10 Alpha Video gift card!!

You must be under 12 years old to enter. Start building, Lego creations need to be in to Alpha Video and on location by Thursday, June 12th at 9 pm.

Good luck!

Judging will be based on creativity, imagination, appearance, originality and degree of difficulty.

Alpha Video is located on Western Ave., Augusta at Kings Court Plaza ( with DQ and Bagel Mania) Phone # 512-8660