I snore quite a bit. Marie Anne even says I stop breathing for short intervals. She would know. She's sometimes kept awake by my snoring. I suspect that those times I stop breathing might be "assisted breaks," if you catch my drift. Actually, I'm kidding. I do that with serious matters because it helps me keep a distance from the potential problem.

What problem would that be? Sleep apnea. That's where your breathing stops or becomes shallow frequently during the night causing you to never get into that restful deep sleep. Marie-Anne (MAJ) thinks I might have it and wants me to see Dr. Ramon about a study. I don't want to go. I love my doc but I'd rather see him in a social rather than medical setting. This time, I may have to see him in the latter.

The biggest reason I don't want to do this is I'm afraid when they put me in this "sleep study" room and hook me up to all sorts of sensors, I'm going to be thinking about it so much I won't be able to sleep. Then they'll send in Dr. Conrad Murray to administer some propofol. Sorry, there I go again, making light of a serious situation.

I've been tired all day...logy...off. I'm, pardon the pun, tired of feeling this way. Maybe I should just suck it up and have the sleep study and know once and for all. Please, if you've ever undergone one, tell me what it's like. I need to know.

The interesting side note here is, Mac Dickson needs to have a sleep study too. Maybe we can share the room. Oh wait, our snoring would keep each other awake.

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