Now before you judge me and tell me I'm a crazy person ( I already know this ), let me at least explain my logic here.

Yes, we are leaving at the end of the week for a several day camping trip at Lake Pemaquid with the crew. Now, some would think it's a bit asinine to bring along a 2 week old baby boy. I say, nah bro we got this!

Look at it this way- It will be easier to bring this tiny little wee-tot camping than it will be to have the 2.5 year-old there. The toddler requires constant attention and supervision while he's awake. You know how those pesky toddlers like to get into literally everything and dart off out of sight when you take your eyes off them for .2 seconds, right? Well, a newborn can't do any of those things because they can't freakin' move. It's just the best. Newborn babies literally stay right where you put them.. it's magic I tell ya!

Additionally, it's not like we're going camping in a tent. What do you think this is, Naked and Afraid? No, we camp (glamp) in our big ol' travel trailer complete with bunk beds, full kitchen, living room, master bedroom, tub/shower and 50" TV. So the accommodations don't suck is what I guess I'm getting at. The 11 year old (Evan) basically takes care of himself, the toddler (Gavin) is a camping expert and knows the routines and the baby (Dawson) won't even know that he's not at home and in fact in the camper.

We will be bringing along Dawson's bassinet for him to sleep in, just like he has at home, and we'll be bringing along all of his favorite meals (my wife's boobs). So realistically, the baby won't even know the difference. And, aside from 3-4 AM, the baby sleeps all night soundly and quietly, so he won't even disturb the two other boys.

So your final concern may be that my wife Keri just had major surgery a week ago when this baby was sawed out of her via C section. Well, I gave her the final say on whether or not we take this trip and she definitely wants to go. She's recovering well, she's not on pain meds anymore and more than anything, she's just ready to get the heck out of the house and enjoy a different view for a few days.

I'll get back to you next week on how all this goes and if we encountered any issues camping with a newborn baby. My guess, however, is that we'll find this was an easy experience and that the hardest part was keeping tabs on the toddler all weekend long.

Happy camping, friends!

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