Middle class, according to PewResearch.org just over half of Americans are middle-class, about 30% are lower-class and almost 20% are upper-class.  This is info from 2018 so I would guess for 2021 things are a little bit different.

For Maine is broke down to 56% are in the middle-class, 29% are lower-class and 56% and 15% are upper-class.  Not a big surprise to see Maine's middle-class has a larger than the national average and those numbers are pulled out of the upper-class numbers.

Middle-income is an “income that is two-thirds to double the U.S. median household income, had incomes ranging from about $48,500 to $145,500 in 2018.” That is for a three-person household for their home area.  Lower-income households had incomes less than $48,500 and upper-income are households over $145,500. Since this is based on a few factors including where your live, you can calculate exactly how it works out for you and your situation at PewResearch.org.

It was a bit surprising to see how high the income level is for the lower-class of $48,500 and under.  In Maine, the median household income is $57,900, and remember that is a 2019 number.

This is different than Maine's poverty levels and for a family of three is $20,780 according to maineanencyclopedia.com.

It is too soon to have these numbers from 2020 and how the pandemic has affected this.  But as we have all seen the pandemic has, economically, been very good for some and very, very devastating for others.

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