Would it really be Maine if we were looking at a Christmas weekend without any kind of crazy weather? We would argue absolutely not. And, it seems like Mother Nature had the exact same thought.

Buckle up because today is sure to get wild with lots of wind, some localized coastal flooding and lots of rain. As a matter of fact, according to WGME, much of Maine will see between 1-3 inches of rain by the time this storm is over.

If you think about that in terms of snow, the usual conversion rate is for every inch of rain that would have been about a foot of snow. So I guess you could really choose your battles here. Would you rather have a soaking wet Christmas weekend or one that could have buried you under 1-3 feet of the white stuff?

Either way you dice it it is certainly going to be a mess out there because after all the rain moves out later today, frigid temperatures move in just in time to make it all freeze again.

The even bigger story than the rain here, though, is the wind. Wind gusts for those of us in the Central Maine area today are forecast to peak into the 60 mile per hour zone. That's just crazy. Yesterday, a rep from CMP said that customers should prepare for a multi-day outage event. They have all their crews on standby and ready to go. And for that we are all thankful!

If you have lost power, or fear you will, you can track outages with both Central Maine Power and Versant Power right here. Stay safe!



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