If you're thinking to yourself, 'man I hope the leaves stay on the trees long enough to get those outdoor family fall photos done', then hopefully your photo session is happening prior to Thursday night.

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It looks like mother nature has quite a windy (and very rainy!) event in store for us towards the end of the week. And, in addition to likely scattered power outages, it's being reported that we're going to get rain- lots and lots of rain. Good for the lawns though, eh?

WMTW News 8
WMTW News 8

According to WMTW's Weather Team, this mid-Autumn storm is going to move into Maine on Thursday night and stay with us right through Friday afternoon. A cold front, or in layman's terms, a front that is cold, will move into the Pine Tree State through the overnight hours and then it will stall over Vacationland through much of the day on Friday.

WMTW says that most regions of Maine can expect to see anywhere between an inch to two inches of rainfall throughout the duration of the storm. Though they're also reporting that some isolated areas could receive as much as four inches of rain. But, don't get all hot and bothered over it. Just be thankful it's not snow. Remember what they say? An inch of rain would be a foot of snow. So, realistically, we're dodging a winter bullet here.

Oh, and as far as those winds go? WMTW says they will be blowing out of the East and gusting in most areas into the mid 40 mph range. Yes, that's fast enough to cause power outages and, at least for some Mainers, likely will.

The moral of the story is, let's hope this storm blows your leaves into the neighbor's yard! Oh, and don't forget the umbrella. Even though it'll probably just blow away anyway.


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