At nearly 90 years old a local Maine woman from Jackman has done something remarkable. Her name is Arline Achey, and according to Central Maine, she was able to shoot a moose that weighed 775 pounds on her last day of this adventurous moose hunt she went on with her family.

Now, she was not alone and was given lots of support when trying to achieve this feat of hers. As the article states, her sons created this stick to steady the rifle so that Arline would be able to sit comfortably and prop her gun on this Y shaped stick.

She ended up shooting the moose from 75 yards away and it was towards the end of her last day.

They initially thought they were going to be out of luck because they hadn't been able to take any other moose down that day, but they got lucky when they spotted his huge moose in a clearing.

She was also worried that the thick foliage and weather would also make it harder to spot a moose.

The article goes onto say that this is Arline's third moose and she had shot her last moose when she was 79, ten years ago.

Her son Kevin said,

My mother has had us hunting since we were 10 years old. … My father and her used to go bird hunting every day in October. She loves hunting

This just goes to show that if you love something you should never stop doing it. No matter what age you are, Arline has taught us all to continue to do what makes you enjoy life and do it with your family.

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