I've had the pleasure of kayaking on many occasions in my life, and each time has been unforgettable.

Rangeley lakes hold the top spot as my favorite place to rent a kayak and explore the waters, but I'm always eager to explore new locations.

Fortunately, there's a rental spot very close to my home, right here in Auburn! This was just announced and I can't wait to check it out.

I think it's a great idea to explore the Androscoggin River at the heart of our community! The City of Auburn posted on Facebook announcing their partnership with RENT.FUN.

This will bring self-service kayak rentals to Auburn.

The post says they are offering 8 brand spanking new kayaks to rent, whenever you want!

It costs $15 for the first hour and then only $0.30 for each extra minute.

What do you get? Included in your rental is the kayak itself, a life jacket and paddle!

How to rent? It's a free app online called rent.fun. Once it's downloaded you then can unlock your equipment and start your adventure.

These mobile pop-up kayak rental stands are happening on a lot of rivers and I am delighted to see one on the Androscoggin.

The post goes on to say that you must be 18 years old and you have to respect the guidelines for safety.

Wearing your life jacket is important while your on the water and in the kayak. Also make sure to be cautious and avoid ledges. Be respectful of private property and keep away from restricted areas.

For more information on this awesome adventure near-by, head on over to the City of Auburn's Facebook Page!

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