According to News Center Maine, an RN from Augusta has been on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis in New York City, the biggest hot zone in the country.

Julie Cummings has been working 84 hours a week trying to help the people of America's largest city overcome this global health pandemic. She says they work seven days a week at twelve hours a day. Julie's contract in New York was originally only for 21 days, though she has decided to extend it until "New York doesn't need me anymore". She has been there now for almost 30 days.

According to Julie, "We leave our hotel at about 6 in the morning and get home at about 9 at night, and just do it every day. We do everything from passing out food trays, to passing meds, to cleaning out patients... it's intense but it's rewarding!"

In world where the majority of people are quarantining in their homes and only going out when it's absolutely necessary, it becomes even more important to recognize those in our community who put aside their own anxieties and the chance of infection all for the betterment of the people around them.

Julie Cummings is a hero, not just locally, but now Nationally. She's in New York doing everything she can save everyone she can. She is the epitome of what makes us all Mainers. A strong desire to help our neighbors, whether they be next door or several states away.


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