I'll admit that I was a little unprepared for the new policy at Hannaford on Cony Road in Augusta.

In an effort to promote social distancing, they have now implemented one-way traffic.  Each of the aisles is marked with a green or red arrow denoting which way shoppers are supposed to travel.


In theory, this is supposed to help us maintain a distance of six feet by preventing us from having to pass by someone coming down the aisle in the opposite direction.

Having seen it for myself, I know that this is in effect at the Hannaford on Cony Road in Augusta.  I am not sure about the Whitten Road location or other Central Maine locations.

Even though I want to do all I can to help prevent the spread of this virus, but this is going to take me some time to get used to.

I love to cook, so I used to spend a lot of time at the grocery store. Before the pandemic, I would take my time picking out my protein, rubs / marinades, vegetables, and starches.  Once in a while, I would wander back and forth between the different sections.  As the coronavirus pandemic lead to panic buying and the unavailability of certain products, I found myself doing this more frequently.  With a plan in mind, I'd find that something was unavailable and have to backtrack to exchange it for a different product.  Something tells me I'll be spending a lot more time at the grocery store.  On the plus side, I'll get my steps in.

What are your thoughts on this new policy?

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