First of all, calm down, Karen. I'm not advocating for drinking first thing in the morning like it's a fix-all for the world's problems. However what I AM saying, is that there is a time and a place where cracking a pre-dawn cold one won't get you judged.

Time and place #1: Camping. Yes, it's true. There is an unwritten and widely understood rule that while you are actively camping you, nor anyone in your party over 21, can be judged for having a morning bevvie.

Time and Place #2: Fishing. This rule covers both ice and open water fishing. You'll notice the picture on this article was of a Blue Moon held up into the rays of the rising sun. This was a picture I took this weekend in the early morning hours of a quick fishing trip we took. Now don't judge me- you can't, anyway. It's the rules. (See rule 2)

Now happy day drinking, ya lush!