Yesterday, using her kayak, a Belfast woman aided law enforcement in rescuing a runaway goat from the ocean.

According to WMTW, Jerri Holmes said she was in the process of making a pot of chili when she spotted a group of police officers chasing a goat through her yard.

As they closed in on the goat, it made a run for the frigid water.  To their surprise, it hopped in and started paddling away.  Not wanting to see the police risk hypothermia, Holmes stepped up to help with the rescue (capture?).  As a year-round kayaker, Holmes had no problem grabbing her boat and going for a paddle.

Even though Holmes lost her paddle she was able to rescue to goat.

In an interview, she said:

There was no hesitation. What am I going to do? It would have died.  I don’t know anything about goats, so I grabbed his horn and I put a line around it and it kept tipping its head so it could breathe and the line would keep falling off its horns.

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