In September of last year, Augusta Police Chief, Robert Gregoire, was on a benefit motorcycle ride with his wife, Cathy. They were raising money for the Shriner's Children's Hospitals.

It started raining when they were riding thorough Jay. As a result, the motorcycle Bob and Cathy were on hit the shoulder, causing it to go down. Augusta Sargent, Chris Shaw, who was on another bike in the group, also went down. Cathy and Chris had relatively minor injuries. The chief was taken to Boston and listed in critical condition.

After months of therapy and recovery, he has come a long way. The community has been kind, helping to raise money through The Red Barn Cares Foundation, for home modifications and a new wheelchair. But the story is far from over.

Facing lots more therapy and the hope of gaining more feeling back in his limbs (he has limited used of his arms now), Bob remains optimistic. But insurance is about done paying for the therapy he continues to need.

Being a trooper in every sense of the word, Chief Gregoire, against the odds, is back leading the Augusta Police Department. It's what he loves.

The community also loves him and, again, you can show your support tomorrow night (1/30) at the Calumet Club on the West River Road in Augusta. There's a benefit for the chief going on featuring a spaghetti dinner and live auction.

Learn more about it from Tina Charest, another community leader, who has been involved with helping the family out through this tough time.