When we ask our audience what professions they think are being chronically underpaid in the state of Maine, we always get the same few top answers. We always get police, firefighters and teachers- and, at least we think, rightfully so.

It's no secret that police and firefighters are doing some of, if not the most, dangerous work there is to be done in our communities, However, when it comes to teaching, that profession is arguably the most important one. I mean, think about it, our teachers are responsible for shaping and encouraging the minds of our state's youth. That's a wicked-big task, don't ya think? And, historically, teachers aren't paid all that much.

A bill, currently before the Maine Legislature, aims to change that minimum pay line. The bill, LD1064, would increase Maine's starting teacher salary from $40,000 to $50,000 over the next four years, according to WABI TV 5.

The increase would work its way up incrementally over the next four years, with each year getting a minimum increase of $2,500. And, people (especially teachers) will happy to know, that the bill has just cleared its first hurdle. Committee.

Just in case you don't remember the process for a bill in the legislature (remember the song/video we all had to watch in school?) a bill will become an LD, then can have a public hearing, then goes to committee, then to the House, the Senate, then, if it clears all those hurdles, to the Governor's desk.

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