Per my own ridiculously arbitrary and made up rule, summer is not allowed to officially begin (well, summer temps anyway), until I have retrieved the boat from its winter home at Clark Marine on the Puddledock Road in Manchester.

Yesterday was finally the day. I had been talking about going to get it for almost two weeks and I finally got around to it. Also, I should probably ad, for those of you who may not already know, that this is NOT actually my boat. This is my parent's boat. I just use it... a lot.

As a matter of fact, I use it so much that I brought it to my house this year instead of theirs. I convinced them that I was doing them a solid by storing it at our house so it wouldn't have to take up so much space at theirs. Aren't I such a good son?

Anyway, my overall point here is that we will probably see nothing but rain and temps in the 40s now that the boat is out. After all, that's usually our luck. Happy boating, friends!

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