MyLifeSuckers strikes again. Our favorite mommy blogger, Deva Dalporto, has another great family parody. This time Deva raps away on take-off of Young MC's, 'Bust-a-Move,' turning it into a back to school safety message called, 'Bus Don't Stop!

Here's what Deva writes on the blog:

More than 100 children are killed every year walking to school. Another 25,000 are injured. And half of the 31 pedestrians killed while boarding a bus are children between the ages of 5 and 7. Yes. You heard that right. Children are being killed and injured on the way to school every year.
So when American Traffic Solutions, creators of the CrossingGuard® school bus stop arm enforcement technology for school buses, approached me about doing a video to spread awareness about these tragic facts, I was immediately on board. Anything to help protect our kids!