But she swears it's not her!


This is hysterical. Somehow someone was making pretty loud fart noises at the Augusta Walmart. The employee who was in the electronics area was not amused and asked this Augusta mom to leave. We do NOT know who this is? But her video has made it to ViralHog! Do you know who this is? She claims she is NOT the serial farter!


Why? How? Who? All we know is that this woman who made the video is a mom. Beyond that...well, we also know she was not making the fart noises and we also know she was very amused.

Why are farts so damn funny anyway? Cuz I have to say, I don't know if it's the farting or her laugh, but I chuckle every time I see this too! I know there are enough of you who would know who this is. But the real question is, who was the fake serial farter?

And how did they do that? Here's to laughing more and hopefully the Walmart lady had a better day.



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