Thank you to Courtney Yeager, the Executive Director of the United Way of Kennebec Valley, for stopping the 92 Moose Show today at Camp Out Hunger to talk about the United Way and food insecurity issues in the Central Maine area. 

We at Townsquare Media Augusta-Waterville/92 Moose are so very proud to have 100% participation in our office for the United Way.  

They are such an essential partner to us in Camp Out Hunger as they are the ones who process our cash donations and write the checks to our list of area food banks. It is a blessing to have such a community partner to help with that critical task. 

The United Way of Kennebec Valley works with “local partners, businesses, community leaders, public officials as well as residents to expand opportunities available in our area to help people succeed. Our priority areas are Basic Needs, Health Care, Youth/Education, and Financial Stability.”

You can get involved by asking at your workplace about payroll deductions for the United Way, or you can reach out to them directly about donations at well.  

Thank you, United Way of Kennebec Valley, for all you do and for your integral part of Camp Out Hunger. It really does take a village.  

You want to donate to Camp Out Hunger and not sure what to drop off…check this out…lots of ideas. We will see you in the parking lot of Sam’s Club in Augusta until about midday on Saturday. We are also accepting the cash donations that will be going to area food banks and the non-perishables will be going to the Salvation Army of the Capital Region for the Augusta-Waterville area.

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