The state of Maine is filled with many drivers and there are cars, everywhere because that is how the 21st-century gets from point A to point B. Thanks to Nicolas Joseph Cugnot, one of first inventors of the automobile.

However, you can’t just drive any way you like. Each state has rules and although I am not an official officer, I am a self proclaimed, "rule enforcer goddess" and I will be your guide to uncovering what is legal and illegal while you’re driving.

Recently, I was flossing and driving, not with the string of floss but with a tooth picker, and I thought to myself, "Self, are you committing a crime right now?", "Are you going against the rules of the road?" So, I did some digging.

I found a website called, trusted choice and according to them, I guess I am a smooth criminal, or at the least, I have been in the past. But I’ll tell you right now, that is going to change for me, personally.

Below is a list of 5 things that you can or cannot do while driving. I compiled this list with a bit of help from the above website,, and The US Department of Transportation. It includes most activities that you are unable to do while driving, but maybe something interesting will surprise you that you can do.

I am not perfect. But we can try our very best to keep ourselves, our children, and all other drivers on the roads safe, secure, and to arrive at their destination in one piece.

According to the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety, in just the first 6 month of 2021, more than 20,000 people died in car crashed nationwide. We don't know how many of those were distracted drivers, however the U.S. Department of Transportation put a report out in 2019 stating that distracted driving claimed the lives of 3,142 people.

Try your best to focus on the task at hand and if you need more information on distracted driving laws please visit The Bureau of Highway Safety. Let’s stay safe.

Before checking out my list below, just know that the point of all of this is that when you are driving, do nothing else. Assume that if you are do anything else besides focusing on the road and placing your hands on the wheel, every thing else is illegal and dangerous.

Driving cars is cool, but driving while eating, texting, flossing, applying makeup, changing clothes, playing with your fidget spinner, clipping your toe-nails, putting on nailpolish or eating soup, is not so cool.

Can You Eat A Cheeseburger While Driving in Maine? Rules of The Road

Can You Eat A Cheeseburger While Driving in Maine? Rules of The Road

As of late, we have seen an increased amount of accidents and fenders benders due to distracted driving. Here is what you can and can not do while driving in Maine. 

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