a woman in her early 90's was backing out of her parking spot in front of Byrnes Irish Pub on Station Ave on Sunday around 6 PM. While backing up she hit a parked car causing her to panic, put the car in drive and careen through the entryway of the pub.

After crashing through the front doors, she apparently continued pressing the accelerator causing the front tires to spin and fill the pub with smoke. No injuries were reported and staff and patrons were evacuated out the pubs back door.

Though the collision didn't compromise the structural integrity of the building, the fire department requested that the pub remain closed until proper repairs are made. In the history of Byrnes, they have only ever been forced to close one other time. It was in 2016 from a burst pipe which caused them to shut down for just over three weeks. While they don't think they'll be closed long, management indicated they would be taking the rest of the year off and suspected repairs to begin within the next few days.


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