Each week we take a look at one of the towns in our listening area, showcasing videos and pictures of the town.  This week, we check out Hallowell.

According to wikipedia, The City of Hallowell was settled by Deacon Pease Clarke, his wife, and son in 1762.  Hallowell was named for Benjamin Hallowell, a Boston merchant and landholder along the Kennebec River.

Augusta split off from Hallowell to become it's down town in 1797.

As the river narrowed North of Hallowell, the city became a transport hub in the late 18th and 19th centuries.  Goods would be shipped up the river to Hallowell and transported to their final destinations over-land.  The opposite was true for crops grown, and products made, in Central Maine.

The city was home to mills, slaughterhouses, and the state's first reform school for girls.

Check out this video of the history of the city:

Here are some IG pics of Hallowell:

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