Each week we'll be featuring photos and videos from a town in our listening area.  We're going to kick it off with the State of Maine's Capital, Augusta!

Located on the bank of the Kennebec River, Augusta was first settled in 1754 (with the construction of Fort Western) and incorporated as a town in February 1797 (as Harrington).  In August the town was renamed Augusta in honor of Augusta Dearborn (daughter of Revolutionary War soldier Henry Dearborn)  Maine became a state in 1820 and Augusta was chosen as its capital in 1827.  The legislature, however, continued to meet in Portland until the new State House was completed in 1832.

The river allowed Augusta to be a center of industry.  By the 1830s, there were 10 sawmills in town.  By the mid 1800s, Augusta got a regular steamboat service and the railroad. The city installed gas lights in 1859 and telephone service was available in 1880.  A hospital was built in 1898. By the early 20th century, Augusta built two movie theaters and a film production studio.

Check out this video of the Maine State House


And these pics of Augusta

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