The Turnpike Mall in Augusta has been sold. Now what?

Well, the new owners are selling the site where Texas Roadhouse is located along with about 95 parking spots. It is a move to help the new owners have some capital to put into revitalization according to

I know, it sounds kinda boring. AND don’t worry…this will not impact your ability to get bread with cinnamon butter or park your new car away from the crowd when at The Christmas Tree shop. Park where ya want!

It is this is just behind the scenes, business stuff to help the new owners move ahead with their plans. It is one of the steps to help them keep it moving forward.

The Turnpike Mall is an interesting place.  It has Bed, Bath & Beyond, Christmas Tree Shop, AAA, PetCo, some seasonal business and a lot of empty storefronts. There is a HUGE parking lot, super easy access to I-95 and Rt 202.  There are few hotels nearby and a Hannaford across the street.

What would you like to see at the Turnpike Mall?

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