Usually when I talk about a trail, I'm talking about one you hike on but, The Maine Beer Trail is not one of them. But it is an adventure like no other.

Maine has more than 100 craft breweries, both inland and on the coast, and that number continues to grow every year. Locally crafted brews can be found in nearly every corner of the state. There are so many great breweries in Maine and they all incorporate special ingredients to make their beer unique, for example, the post ride snack session IPA from the Maine Beer Company in Freeport has underlying notes of grass and pine, while the Northern Maine brewing company in Caribou makes it a point to use almost all locally grown hops and barley.

The Maine beer trail is an orchestrated tour that visits about 80 of the breweries around the great state of Maine, after all, a beautiful sunny day on the beach definitely deserves an afternoon pint; so why not have some on a welcomed brew tour? Many of the breweries offer tasting rooms so you can learn about each brewery and the State's rich micro-brewing community. I love this tour because it is good for everything but my waistline, and I can work on that.  Really though, there’s something for everyone, over 21 that is. Starting with a variety of styles ranging from Belgian wheat beers to thick oyster-brewed stouts to mainstream IPAs which seem to be a poplar favorite no matter what brewery you are at. Just pick up a growler to indulge in more on your way out. You can even create your own trail by choosing which type of breweries you want to visit: those with tasting rooms and tours or family friendly ones. Just make sure that when you start your adventure you snag a Maine beer trail passport, and you can even earn some cool gifts.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the  official “Maine Beer Trail” or just plot a path on your own, either way it will be deliciously fulfilling.

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