It's not every day that you get asked to be part of something as special as last night's parade for the staff at China Primary School.

I was originally reached out to about a month ago to ask if I could bring the Moose Caboose to this event and play music from it while the parade was happening. Of course I can! Well, last night was the big night. When we arrived we found that there was a ceremony going on in this bus circle to recognize several teachers who were retiring.

After the ceremony wrapped up, it was time for the parade. Now, here's the thing. I just thought the parade was going to be a handful of people from the area that had decorated their cars and would pass through, beep a couple times and be on their way. What I didn't realize, because I couldn't see the cars gathering behind me, is that ALL of the students and their families had showed up, decorated their cars, and were ready to show their praise.

As the parade went on, it became increasingly clear just how many people had shown up to show their support. It was so moving! As a matter of fact my wife, who has no emotional ties to any of these people, was crying the whole time because she was so moved by everything!

China Primary School Parade

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