You frequently hear me talk about my wonderful hometown of Windsor, Maine. And that's exactly what it is- wonderful. According to Wiki, which never gets anything wrong ever, "The territory was first incorporated March 3, 1809 under the name of "Malta." Shortly after, a minor rebellion called the "Malta War" broke out against the Massachusetts state government in Boston over settlement and land ownership rights. In 1820, the town was reincorporated under the name "Gerry" to honor the statesman Eldridge Gerry. Two years after that, the town was renamed Windsor in its final reincorporation"


Windsor, with an estimated (2010) population of around 2,600 people is only about 35 square miles in size, but what it lacks in population and commotion, it quickly makes up for in character. There's nothing better than the smell of all that crispy fair food when the Windsor Fair opens at the end of every summer, sadly for the schoolkids, marking the end of summer vacation! Oh, and if you're driving through, make sure to check out our one little traffic light! It just blinks yellow.. conveniently, at the intersection of routes 105 & 32 at Hussey's General Store!


In my opinion, Windsor epitomizes 'The Way Life Should Be' and is always worth a visit. There's nothing to do, though, so bring a book- Unless it's fair season!