CMP gets big credit from me on ice storm related stuff. They learned many lessons in the Ice Storm of 98. As of about 3am Dec 23,  CMP was reporting a total of 226 outages in their total service area. CMP does a great job of letting us know where the outages are. Check out the CMP Outage Information page right here.

If your service is out, you can report is on the Outage Information page OR you can also call 1-800-696-1000 for info. It gets even cooler, if you go to the CMP Outage  Information page, it will show you the county. Click on that it shows you the towns of the outages. Click on that, it will show you roads those outages have been reported from and how many homes it affects.

Bangor Hydro,they have outages, too! Here is Bangor Hydro's outage map.

CMP Line Crews and all the staff really are heroes.  You know on a day like today, they have all hands on deck and these woman and men are there doing their jobs, some in very unpleasant circumstances. Thank you!